Help! My wife lied about the number of men she has been with

Help! My wife lied about the number of men she has been with

We all have problems in life. At times we cannot solve them on our own. That is why we publish the letters of our readers to get your help. You might have been in a similar situation. You may know the solution. Share your opinion with those, who really need it.

Help! My wife lied about the number of men she has been with

Here is the story our reader wants to share with us and get your opinions:

"I really feel like killing someone but I know very well the implications of killing someone in this nation. I feel cheated, angry and depressed at the same time. I have thought this through, yet no possible solution seems to be staring me in the face.

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A man's wife should be his everything; mine is starting to become my nothing and that is why I am soliciting for help. We have been married for four years with two beautiful kids from the union. I work with a reputable telecommunication network in Nigeria, everything I earn goes into the family's upkeep account.

It is quite normal for one to have issues in marriage but with the grace of God, my wife and I have been able to keep everything under wrap. She has taken over my totality and I have sworn to love her for the rest of my life.

When Tola (not her real name) and I started dating, she was not a virgin. I feel it is up to me to protect her identity even though I feel like hurting her badly. Not being a virgin is not a big deal to me, we are all terribly flawed. I asked her about her past relationships and she told me she had only been with two men all her life.

That seemed fair enough, I have always had a crush on her since I have known her. Even though many men out there may find this strange, my wife is the only woman I have ever known personally and intimately. As much as the guys invite me to hang out, I simply face my booze and cut off being with women despite the fact that I have money to give them.

But my family seems to be experiencing the worst storm ever. Everything started 8 months ago when my wife and I ran into one of her exes. He was married too and decided to show her off to his wife as his ex. Trust me, it was an awkward moment for us as I did not know what to do. The guy's name was not familiar ass she had told me the names of the guys she has been with in the past.

Help! My wife lied about the number of men she has been with

Tola was able to convince me that it was one of the guys as she only called him by his middle name when they were together. I let it go even though the guy was arrogant with the introduction. He made me feel like I got married to a woman he had used before.

Another ugly incident came up when we met another man who jokingly told me to take care of her as he did not want to let her go when they broke up. I was confused as this man seems older than both my wife and I.

My spirit started repelling her as I honestly cannot shut out the images of other men sleeping with my wife. I have come across five other guys who have testimonies to share about my beloved wife who obviously dated them. She has pleaded and begged me but I know she is lying.

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As far as I know, she has been with over 10 men. What beats my imagination now is the fact that she managed to do all these men while I was preserving her and giving her time to grow into the woman I desire. I had no clue other men were teaching her bedroom tricks already.

A young woman recently embarrassed us in the street when she kept calling my wife all sorts of names. She was asking her to leave her husband alone since she has her own husband. I have stopped sleeping with her for the past 4 months. I simply lose my erection when I think of other men plunging into the love of my life.

I have a feeling one of these men will come one day to claim the children. My wife lied about the number of men she has slept with and she has not stopped sleeping with other men while in my house. I am at a crossroad as I do not know what to do. Please help me."

If you have been in a similar situation or know the solution, please share your experience with our reader!

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