Taking "selfies" during church service could lead you to hell

The Accra Metropolitan Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church, The Most Reverend Charles Gabriel Palmer-Buckle says the current act where people take “selfies” when mass or church service is ongoing is devilish and could lead people to hell.

Taking “selfies” could lead you to hell

Taking selfie in church is devilish – Palmer-Buckle

He warned the youth to desist from such act and focus on worshipping their maker. Palmer-Buckle opined that such attitude is blocking people's salvation.

The outspoken man of God says the youth of this generation are fond of taking photos whilst church service is in progress but he believes that it is a medium set by the devil to deny the youth from listening to the word of God.

Palmer-Buckle however, sent a passionate appeal to the youth to stop concentrating on phones and selfies when in the church.He made said this at the Awoshie-Anyaa St. Francis of Assisi Church.

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