Why Mahama is making Rawlings bleed with anger

Why Mahama is making Rawlings bleed with anger

Founder of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Jerry John Rawlings, is in no doubt unhappy with developments and policies within the NDC administration.

Why NDC is making Jerry Rawlings bleed with anger

The outspoken father of NDC has been seen on several platforms expressing naked disgust over what he describes to be the inbuilt corruption within Mahama's government.

The leading development that troubles the former commander-in-chief is the setting free of embattled businessman, Alfred Woyome by former attorney general under the Mills administration, Betty Mould Iddrisu - a situation which has seen the vociferous leader name most top officials of the NDC as "thieves".

We all saw what happened during the NDC campaign launch. Jerry Rawlings somewhat failed to publicly endorse John Mahama as presidential candidate for the NDC ahead of the December elections.

In fact, when the $2 million Sani Abacha, (former President of Nigeria) gift allegation was raised against Rawlings, he fumed that "some top men within the ruling NDC, which he formed out of his sweat and blood, have turned around to ‘stab’ him in the back by masterminding the vilification by the GCPP leader."

Throughout the campaign season in the run-up to the presidential election on December 7, Rawlings has never been spotted in any of the campaigns by the NDC. Rumours have it that he is too old to campaign whereas the NPP insists he, Jerry Rawlings, is indeed angry at the NDC administration.

Watch this video of Rawlings fuming against Mahama's NDC administration

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