Do these 5 things if you want to have a male child

Do these 5 things if you want to have a male child

In some parts of the world, getting a male child is a priority as some people believe in leaving their properties to their heirs.

Even though many people proclaim babies to be divine gifts from God, they still get worried when they do not have a particular gender.

Do these 5 things if you want to have a male child

The society mounts a lot of pressure on women who are unable to give their husbands male children. Apart from the pressure, some women have other reasons why they desire to have male children.

If you fall within these categories of women, there are certain things you can do to enhance your chances of having a male child. You may be one of those women who feel the need to secure their places in their husband's lives by giving him a male child.

Also, it could be that you need a male child who will carry on with the family name. Female children are after all bound to give up their fathers' names and pick up that of their husbands.

Since there are things you could do to increase your chances of having twins, here are some tips that could help increase the chances of having a male child:

1. Eat more red meat

Consuming more red meat may do you more good if you are want to increase your chances of having a male child. The male sperm tends to thrive more in an environment that is neutral. Red meat is a source of protein that will help increase the alkalinity of a woman's body.

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2. Reach an orgasm when you have sex

If you are keen on having a male child, you will have to be more experimental when it comes to sex. As a woman, you have to open up to your husband as you explore different depths of intimacy.

Do not have sex without passion; it has been said that the more orgasm a woman has, the higher her chances of having a male child will be. With orgasms, the vagina can be make the perfect environment for male sperm to meet a lucky egg cell.

3. Preserve your husband's sperm cells

As a woman who is looking for a male child, you will have to help preserve the sperm cells in your husband's groin.

This means that you will support your husband by getting him boxers that will allow more air to reach his groin. Tight briefs may do more harm than you can see. Too much heat around the groin may denature the sperm cells.

Even though you think it is all about you, you have to ensure the male sperm that will fertilise your eggs are viable.

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Do these 5 things if you want to have a male child

4. Have an ovulation predictor

It is pathetic that many women do not know their ovulation dates or how long their cycles are. If you want to get pregnant at all, this information is important to you.

An ovulation kit will let you know the days you are most fertile. Male sperm are better swimmers than female sperm cells. Making love during ovulation will help you get pregnant quickly.

5. Do it during the quarter moon

Even though there are orthodox methods of doing things when it comes to getting male children, one should not overrule the effectiveness of the primitive methods too.

A woman's fertility can be predicted using the phase of the moon. If it is a quarter moon that is in sight, a boy could be conceived during that time.


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