Diamond Appiah pokes Afia Schwarzenegger again

Diamond Appiah pokes Afia Schwarzenegger again

Diamond Appiah continues to poke the lioness in Afia Schwarzenegger but surprisingly, Afia has been unusually mute even after Diamond rained insults on her.

In the latest attack obviously targeted at Afia Schwarzenegger and her new hubby Lawrence, Diamond mocks the newly unveiled relationship of Afia and her man while saying Lawrence is a loser.

Diamond Appiah pokes Afia Schwarzenegger again

It clearly seems these new attacks on Afia won’t cease until she (Diamond) gets a desired reaction.

She continues to refer to a mysterious “Mercy” who was allegedly duped by Lawrence some time ago before he married Afia.

In the new post she wrote on Instagram, she said, “If you keep changing men like your underwear n they keep using n dumping u like a toilet paper then my sister u need an emergency visit to a GYNAECOLOGIST n one of these (Lactacyd) . God created us to end up with the best not Gigolo's. So the next time u want to brag about a man on social media it has to be a responsible man that paid ur bride price n honoured u in the presence of ur family. Ladies don't be desperate to fall for any imbecile that has mastered the craft of giving women he dates a cheap promise ring 8 weeks after the relationship. Hahahahahahaha Mercy has he refunded all the money he borrowed for phone credit n taxi fares ? I dont know why some kindergartners still decide to flaunt people's husbands, kooko aduro sellers n Gigolo's on social media. cheap commodities really attract cheap consumers. #When lazy men decide to live off women #ROFTL #They thought they were cyber bullies until the real Sharks showed up #We run the City!”

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Afia is still yet to utter a word but fans believe when Afia decides to respond, blood will be spilled on the streets of Ghana celebrity avenue.

Source: Yen.com.gh

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