Charlotte Osei conspiring to rig 2016 elections?

Charlotte Osei conspiring to rig 2016 elections?

Former attorney general, Martin Amidu, is accusing the EC boss of conspiring to rig the elections in favour of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Martin Amidu alleges that the EC is on an assignment of defying the laws of Ghana in order to make only the NDC and NPP contest the elections - a situation he claims “provides and facilitates the ability of incumbent Governments to use the Executive Power and resources of the state in rigging the elections.”

Martin Amidu's recent outburst follow the disqualification of presidential candidates by the EC over claims of infractions in their nomination forms.

According to the outspoken lawyer, the EC boss's loss against Papa Kwesi Nduom "exposes her high handiness, incompetence, and inexperience as a public officer.”

Meanwhile, Charlotte Osei is planning to appeal the case against the PPP - a legal move which is feared could end up in vain.

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Watch this interview Charlotte Osei had over claims of rigging

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