Deported Ghanaians refuse to get down from plane at Kotoka

Deported Ghanaians refuse to get down from plane at Kotoka

Some 104 illegal migrants who were deported from the United States of America (USA), refused to disembark from the plane that transported them to Ghana based on what some of them described as inhumane treatment by US authorities.

The deportees made up of 54 Ghanaians and 50 Liberians, decided to embarked on the action of remaining in the flight as a way of expressing their displeasure over their alleged maltreatment.

Deported Ghanaians refuse to get down from plane at Kotoka

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The deportees claimed that the US officials were being hypocritical in their deportation as they were not treated with dignity while on board the plane en route to Accra.

One of them who spoke to Class 91.3FM in an interview on Wednesday, 2nd November said although their deportation had nothing to do with criminal issues, they were handcuffed and treated like criminals by the US authorities in Louisiana, even while on board the plane.

According to them, when they reached the Kotoka International Airport, the authorities attempted to take off the handcuffs to create the impression that they were treated with respect, an act they thought was hypocritical.

One of the deportees said, “They (US Authorities) handcuffed us, they handcuffed us before we boarded the plane that is why we say we are not getting down unless they allow us to get down with the handcuffs for everybody to see how they have been treating us, that is why we said no, we are not getting down….They called some immigration officers (at the airport) to come and talk to us but we said no, we want to come down with the handcuffs and so they said we should come down. They handcuffed us in the United States. My waist, hands and my legs were all cuffed. Both legs [were cuffed] so you cannot even walk, you cannot eat, you cannot do anything.”

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Another deportee narrated, “We have been handcuffed from Monday to today, a lot of people here (Kotoka Airport) saw it. If you think I am lying you can ask the people around. If you want to urinate you struggle in the handcuff before passing urine.”

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Another disgruntled deportee indicated that: “We all left Ghana to America to go and better our future so we passed through Brazil to Colombia and some of us even died on the way…now the people handcuffed us, they only gave us bread and water from morning till evening so when we came here (Kotoka) a lot of the people were fighting them that you cannot deport us empty handed, we need money to go home.”

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