Here is how to know if your partner loves you

Here is how to know if your partner loves you

Not only do we crave to fall in love, we also want to have the person love us back. Sometimes, we are blinded by so many things like fear, desperation or beauty that we do not see clearly when someone does not return our affection. 

If you truly want to know if your partner loves you the way you love them, these questions below must be answered with a ‘yes.’


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1. Does he/she make time for you?

2. Does he/she respect you?

3. Does he/she seek your opinion when it comes to making big decisions?

4. Has he/she made any sacrifice just to make you happy?

5. Does he/she listen to you when you are having an important conversation?

6. Does he/she build a future with you?

7. Does he/she care about your goals and helping you achieve them?

8. Does he/she keep your secrets and respect your privacy?

9. Does he/she respect those that are important to you (your family/friends)?

10. Does he/she understand your weakness and accepts them?

11. Does he/she make you feel good about yourself?

12. Does he/she understand your limitations and does not ask for more than you can give?

13. Does he/she tell you about their deepest desires and hopes?

14. Does he/she proudly proclaim you as their partner?

15. Does he/she remind you often how much they love you?

16. Does he/she allow you to meet the people who are the most important to him/her?

17. Is he/she tolerant, understanding and forgiving towards you?

18. Is he/she there during your hard times?

19. Is he/she interested in knowing as much as he/she can about you?

20. Does he/she make you happy?


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