We will be more vigilant this year - Samira Bawumia

We will be more vigilant this year - Samira Bawumia

The wife of running mate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Samira Bawumia, has stated at a campaign rally that the party has learnt its lessons from the 2012 elections and will not stand for any form of rigging or cheating in the December elections.

Mrs. Bawumia made these statements when she was addressing a crowd at a mini rally at Awutu Bontrase in the Central Region to support the NPP’s parliamentary candidate for the Awutu Senya constituency, George Andah.

We will be more vigilant this year - Samira Bawumia

Samira Bawumia said the party has been guided by developments that took place during the 2012 elections, and has made a resolution to be more vigilant during this year's polls.

“In 2012, we all saw what happened on the television. In some constituencies, the results were inflated. When it was 27; then they will add zero and say 270. If we had been more vigilant, they would not have gotten the opportunity to rig the elections. But this election, we will be more vigilant. We will not allow them to rig the election,” she said.

We will be more vigilant this year - Samira Bawumia

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She went ahed to urge the constituents to vote out the NDC since it has failed to provide basic amenities including water and electricity to residents in the constituency.

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“I just want to ask you a few questions. Are you able to pay your light bills? Are you able to pay your water bills? Are you able to pay your children’s fees. Are you comfortable? Are there jobs for the youth? We are really suffering,” she stated.

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“If we have given the NDC eight years to govern the country and work hard to help the country, and the eight years is up and we are still suffering and they ask us to let them continue governing us, should we allow them? Will we give them an opportunity to continue putting us through this hardship and suffering? We are very tired and this election is our future. I know all of you have gathered here and are willing to vote for Nana Addo and George Andah to go to Parliament to bring development to this constituency.”

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