Celebrity breakups that shook the foundation of Ghana

Celebrity breakups that shook the foundation of Ghana

Breakups are hard, but what hurts even are reports that the relationships of some of our favourite celebrities have hit the rocks.

Our celebrities give us relationship goals, so it is worrying when their relationships suffer.

In Ghana, we have had several celebrity breakups over the years, which have been covered extensively by YEN.com.gh.

Here are 11 of some of the biggest celebrity breakups Ghana has witnessed.

1. Confidence Haugen and Edem

The biggest Ghanaian celebrity break-ups we can't forget

In 2009, after making their relationship public and dragging Ghanaians with them on their romantic stroll, rapper Edem and socialite Confidence suddenly broke up to the shock of many.

It was reported that Edem was accused by Confidence Haugen of stealing her mobile phone worth quite a lot of money at the time. Although Edem wanted their break up to be quiet, he had to go to the offices of Graphic to debunk the allegation.

6 years later, Edem is married with two children and Confidence had another son by a mystery man.

2. Yvonne Nelson and Iyanya

The biggest Ghanaian celebrity break-ups we can't forget

2013 was the year when Ghanaians remember one of their favourite actresses got her heart broken so severely, she took to her social media pages to vent her frustration.

When Nigerian singer Iyanya released his hit song “Your Waist,” everyone was convinced he and Yvonne Nelson had a deeper relationship than they claimed.

So it came as a shock when the couple had a rather nasty break up in the full glare of the public.

But now they say they are “cool.”

3. Mona (Hajia4reall) and Kenpong

The biggest Ghanaian celebrity break-ups we can't forget

After a nasty face-off with Amanda Aqcuah who used to be in a relationship with Kennedy Agyapong aka Kenpong, Ghanaians were shocked to learn that Mona aka Hajia4reall had parted ways with Kenpong in 2015.

The couple had been dating for about a year before it become public and it was revealed that Mona’s extravagant lifestyle was being financed by Kenpong.

However no one expected the relationship to end that soon.

4. Nadia Buari and Michael Essien

The biggest Ghanaian celebrity break-ups we can't forget

Nadia Buari and Michael Essien’s relationship was probably one of the most talked about and so it was no surprise that their break up was even a bigger event that kept Ghanaians chattering for weeks.

Some say they dated to benefit their individual needs but broke up due to Micheal's cheating ways and unreadiness to settle down and have a family.

Now the former couple are both with other people and are parents as well.

5. Eazzy and Keitta

The biggest Ghanaian celebrity break-ups we can't forget

Eazzy And Keitta were top Ghanaian lovebirds at one time in our history but things have since changed.

After they entered the Big Brother Africa competition as a couple, they quickly shot to fame as one of the cutest couples in Africa. But when the show was over and the cameras stopped rolling, the relationship fell apart.

Eazzy announced on twitter that she was no longer in a relationship with Keitta. Apparently Keitta dumped Eazzy for Tinny's ex-girlfriend.

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6. Christian Love and Pastor Love

The biggest Ghanaian celebrity break-ups we can't forget

The divorce between Christiana Love and Pastor Love would probably go down as one of the nastiest to have been broadcast in Ghana.

Nasty revelations were made, sometimes on live radio including the accusation by Pastor Love that Christiana had had children from some adulterous relationship while he was also accused by his Christiana for sleeping with most of the women in his church.

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7. Amanda and Afriyie Acquah

The biggest Ghanaian celebrity break-ups we can't forget

Their match seemed made in heaven, but it was not to be.

The couple had to split after several embarrassing controversies, including one in which a leaked video showed Amanda "touching" herself.

8. Elikem Kumordzie and Pokello

Elikem and Pokello

Elikem and Pokello met and fell in love at the Big Brother Africa house. Elikem promptly proposed to her publicly and went on to marry her.

However, the relationship soon broke apart, culminating in a divorce.

9. Shatta Wale and Shatta Michy

The biggest Ghanaian celebrity breakups we can't forget

Dancehall start, Shatta Wale, and his girlfriend, Shatta Michy, broke up after they had a fight that spilled onto social media. Michy accused Shatta of physically abusing her, and shared pictures of her swollen face to back her claims. Shatta, however, denied her claims.

The two had been dating since Shatta was a struggling artiste. Michy is said to have contributed financially to support the musician's career.

10. Chris Attoh and Damilola Adegbite

The biggest Ghanaian celebrity breakups we can't forget

To many Ghanaians, Chris Attoh and Damilola Adegbite were the perfect couple until news of their divorce broke.

The birth of their son, Bryan, was not enough to save their marriage.

11. Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg Slim

The biggest Ghanaian celebrity breakups we can't forget

Many were pleased when star actress, Juliet Ibrahim, unveiled her new boyfriend, Iceberg Slim, a Nigerian rapper, to the world. People were happy that she had found love again after her divorce from Kwadwo Safo.

But the new relationship also fell apart after several months.

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