EC is plotting to steal our votes - NPP

EC is plotting to steal our votes - NPP

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) is waging a fierce war against the electoral commission (EC) as it accuses the commission of plotting to rig the December 7 elections in favour of the ruling NDC.

NPP wages fierce war against EC

Charlotte Osei has been ordered to give all disqualified candidates the chance to contest

NPP director in charge of elections, Martin Agyei-Mensah Korsah alleges that the EC has failed to heed the party’s request for the list of voters who are to take part in the proxy and special voting exercise.

Mahama says he is winning elections

The NPP election manager says the EC is plotting to steal the votes of NPP

In a press briefing, the NPP warns it will protect the ballot to prevent any form of vote rigging.

“This election will not be rigged, this election will not be stolen, we will protect it and make sure the will of Ghanaians prevails.” he stated.

The electoral commission has been faced with severe law suits all of which it has lost. The supreme court ruled that the EC gives all disqualified presidential candidates the chance to correct the mistakes in their nomination forms.

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