How unmarried men see romance at different stages

How unmarried men see romance at different stages

We have to admit it, romantic relationships have a lot of bearing in our life plans.

There are countless articles and stories online about how women react to being unmarried at different ages and stages. Most would make the wrong assumptions that only women go through such anxiety but it is not true.


Let’s take a look at these different stages and how men approach them.

18 to 23

Although they are nearly leaving their teenage years, most guys in this stage are often still like randy teenagers. Their approach to women is still immature and they can be very irrational. Settling down is far down their list so trying to make something stable with guys like these would only end in disaster.

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24 to 29

Though a little more matured, these guys are still sowing their wild oats. They are very unlikely to be monogamous or turn down attention from the womenfolk. So, marriage-minded ladies should simply keep off lest they become a baby mama for an unserious dude.

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30 to 35

At this age, men are starting to become more responsible when it comes to romantic dealings. With family members hinting at them that it’s time they settled down, and their friends already building homes, it is likely that they are now thinking along those lines. They might even be able to recognise what they want in a woman and have met that one special one.

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36 to 40

This is the wife-hunting stage. Men, at this point, have one goal. To find themselves a good woman. Whoever they meet is a potential mate. They no longer have the time for girlfriend shenanigans. They are surrounded by friends who have not only gotten married but are settling down with kids. They avoid family functions to keep away from the stigma of being single.

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40 to 49

Any man still single at this age must have a reason. Most single men at this age are probably widowers or divorcees. If they have never been married, it is most likely because they simply do not want to. If it is due to circumstances, then know that these men are desperate to settle down. They might not approach women with as much vibrancy as they did as youths. They would, however, be glad for any good lady who comes up to them.

50 and above

If he is not a priest, widower or divorcee and he is single at this age, then, this is the point where we all simply just give up on him.

What stage are you in?


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