4 things that work against Hillary Clinton

4 things that work against Hillary Clinton

Last night I went to sleep - at around 9 o'clock - to a sane presidential campaign, where Hillary Clinton and Trump were, not so much tied, but very much on the predicted path. The media pundits, and TV anchors were all pretty confident in their predictions of a smooth Clinton win.

5 things that work against Hillary Clinton

Although by 11:30 - of course, unbeknownst to me - the shift was moving and it was already looking like a Trump Presidency was, very much, a possibility.

5 things that work against Hillary Clinton

So now I sit here thinking, "How could Hillary have lost this one? I mean, it was in the bag." So here's a few points we come up with.

Corrupt and ruthless public perception

It seems that Hillary's long history of attacking fellow woman, most of whom had consensual sex with her husband, has finally come back to bite her in the back, that chicken has come home to roost, so to speak. Her public attack of Gennifer Flowers; calling her “trailer-trash,” in an interview in '92, then Monica Lewinsky; calling her “narcissistic loony toon”.

None of these gained her any friends, although that gave a lot of ammunition for anyone against her.

Plus the email scandals - the ones about the private email server - broke and her response was pretty nonchalant and got everyone wondering how she could react this way.

Her connection to Big Money

With her husband having been a president, herself having being Senator, Secretary of State, and First Lady, it was pretty inevitable that she'd be branded as part of the 'establishment'. But nothing did that more than when we all found out that she had gotten paid $225,000 just for a speech.

Trump promised tax cuts, while she promised more tax.

Tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts, one could imagine how relieved anyone would feel if they were to all of a sudden have to pay less taxes, one that's another thing that Clinton had against her. Put simply, with Trump the common American got money in the pocket.

Her gender

Not to take anything away from Donald Trump's win, because a win in this fashion can only say that he tapped into something fundamental in the American psych, but Hillary being a woman may still have played a role in her downfall, especially since she would've been the first.

5 things that work against Hillary Clinton

Now that the results have been announced, let's see how things will pan out for Donald Trump. One thing is for certain, even though Hillary hasn't won anything Donald Trump's win is still a momentous one.

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