Melania Trump: New USA First Lady with a closet full of nude pics

Melania Trump: New USA First Lady with a closet full of nude pics

- Donald Trump has been elected the 45th president of the United States

- His wife's history, however, ruffles feathers considering she is a former nude playboy model

Republican candidate Donald J. Trump has just been elected the 45th-President of the United States.

melania nude pics

USA President-Elect Donald J. Trump

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He has a string of ex-wives behind him and quite a sizeable number of children who run their own companies.

One wife, his current wife, Melania, is of particular interest because she is a former nude Playboy model who also modeled for GQ men's magazine.

Trump's win comes as a shock to the entire world and people cannot believe that his wife, with her history, is the world's superpower country's First Lady.

Check out why people might be a tad upset about her:

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melania nude pics

Melania Trump

Even I wouldn't send such a picture to a guy I'm just dating.

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melania nude pics

In one of her nude pics during her younger days

The internet never forgets, Melania!

melania nude pics

After Michelle Obama, can you picture her as a decent First Lady?

At what cost, though?

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melania nude pics

Completely mind boggling what one would do for a price

On a woman? Yuck!

melania nude pics

USA's 45th First Lady, Melania Trump

At least?

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melania nude pics

What do you think?

Yes, I think so too.

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