I did not receive a calling from God - Majid Michel

I did not receive a calling from God - Majid Michel

Contrary to popular belief that a person has to be called to the work of God, Ghanaian actor Majid Michel says his new-found love for preaching is a genuine one inspired by his understanding of the Bible.

For quite some time now, Majid Michel has been in the news for what seems like a sudden turn over to a more spiritual life, which took many by surprise since he is perceived by many to be similar to bad boy characters he plays in movies.

Recently, he was spotted ministering at the Zoe Chapel International at Tabora, Accra where he was for the first time, seen mounting a pulpit and laying his hands on some of the congregants.

I did not receive a calling from God - Majid Michel

But the actor, in a recent interview on Hitz FM’s TIG Show with Franky5 revealed he has always been God fearing.

“I had a great sense of guilt, so that limited my sinful nature. I fell a couple of times but could not continue, I always came up with a new to identify with the mistake and correct it,” he said.

Majid added “Then I discovered great revelations in the Bible. Growing up I hardly understood the word of God so as a result, I have discovered great revelations from reading the Bible. I understood it better and it's simpler for me and that was my greatest urge to teach the word of God for people to understand it.”

I did not receive a calling from God - Majid Michel

For him, he has always been a pastor. “I didn’t hear a voice or see a dark cloud or hear the voice of God like the ocean sound or like waves pounding the sea. I didn’t have any experience, I did it as a pastor, well I have always been [a pastor].”

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Recently, Majid Majid Michel, in an Instagram post, expressed disappointment at pastors who seek wealth and fame than the core job of winning souls and leading their congregations to Christ.

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He expressed worry that some pastors these days do not focus on the dictates that come with their job but rather meddle in immoral acts and also compete against each other for fame and wealth.

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