Child sexual abuse: Man takes disturbing photos of the act

Child sexual abuse: Man takes disturbing photos of the act

- Kenyans on social media have reacted angrily to a series of photos making rounds online- they are a ghastly, graphic display of two young girls who were molested at an orphanage

- The two girls; four and five-years-old have injuries on their bodies 

- There is a KSh 50,000 bounty for whoever identifies the children or can tell their location 

You have probably seen the photos by now. If you have, you can agree that something changed in you. The two photos broke your heart. I read the email they came in, twice.

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Sexual abuse: Man takes disturbing photos of the act

Sexually abused young girls

The evidently young and terrified girls  lie on their backs with their legs wide apart, exposing their already abused privates.

Their abuser could be the one who took the photos as he carefully avoids photographing himself.

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For a halting moment I thought that it was one of those stories that I'd run away from- two innocent girls of about three years and five years  are currently being molested in an unknown location.

Their molester, whose identity we would really want to know, is the monster behind the  series of photos that have been making rounds on social media.

The two kids in the photos, are naked.

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They look untidy, lying on a cheap bed, staring innocently at the camera- and the face of the man desecrating them.

Child sexual abuse: Man takes disturbing photos of the act

In yet another photo, they are photographed, clutching at their molesters manhood. It is a ghastly photo that has exposed the heart-breaking tale of the two girls who will probably never live normal lives.

Further information in a recording that was attached alongside the photos had it that the children were probably suffering in an orphanage whose location is yet to be known.

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Cases of sexual abuses and/or assault are common in Kenya and the region. The sexual abusers are mostly people known to their victims.

They range from fathers, brothers, caretakers and even house-helps. In other cases, children in orphanages are more vulnerable to such cases of sexual abuse.


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