8 mistakes pregnant women make

8 mistakes pregnant women make

- Expectant women usually make this eight mistakes that can jeopardize their pregnancies, from lack of sleep to no exercise would be mothers are risking their health and of the baby

- The facts are to help mothers understand what right for them during pregnancies

For many women when they hear or find out the news that they are pregnant its usually a happy occasion but sometimes expectant mothers make some mistakes that might not just affect them but also harm the unborn child.

Many mothers driven with excitement or the fear of the unknown indulge in activities that could potentially be very risky for them in their condition.

Here are 8 common mistakes pregnant women make.

1. Not going for antenatal clinics a majority of women avoid going to antenatal clinics and this is risky for their health and the unborn child.

Pregnant women should try to follow these advice

Antenatal clinics provide crucial information to new mothers on how to breastfeed and the do's and don'ts before delivery, its advised that all expectant mothers should visit the clinics so as to prepare for safe delivery.

2. Deciding the method of child birth majority of women who are about to give birth usually fear normal delivery as they claim its painful to bear and they mostly prefer cesarean section, but for a woman with normal contractions the C- section for delivery usually has a long term effects plus for many married couples it becomes a bother as the man will have to wait as long as six months to be intimate with his wife.

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3. Not exercising expectant mothers avoid to exercise as they see the activity as tiring or a danger for the unborn child.

Exercising helps the mother to reduce stress hormones, improves blood circulation, it also prepares the body for labour and delivery.

Expectant mothers are advised to walk, climb stairs and also household chores as forms of exercise.

4. Eating sugary foods many pregnant women have cravings for sugary foods like chocolates and cakes but these foods full of sugar are harmful to the mother as they might trigger gestational diabetes but the anxiety caused for not having the foods also cause harm for expectant women that is why it is advisable for mothers to eat such foods with moderation.

5. Not talking to your baby-bumb if an expectant mother is feeling stressed or tired as the pregnancy takes its toll on her it usually leaves her emotionally drained that is why doctors advise mothers to be talking to their baby-bumb to ease their minds and bond with unborn child.

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6. Lack of sleep the hormonal and physical changes in a woman's body during pregnancy demands more rest as lack of sleep only increases pregnancy fatigue.

Sleep and enough rest helps a potential mother to prepare for the strain of labour and delivery.

7. Eating for two is one of the biggest mistakes pregnant mothers make you need only 300 calories more than your normal calorie intake. Remember gaining excess weight during pregnancy will lead to having a C-section.

8. Self-medication expectant mothers should avoid using antacids, paracetamol,or even acne creams once you are pregnant.

Self medication can have adverse affect on your pregnancy. Using over the counter medications, self medicating or undergoing harsh beauty treatments could lead to congenital abnormalities in your baby.

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The longest pregnancy on record for humans is 375 days that is 12.5 months, during pregnancy if a mother suffers organ damage the baby in the womb sends stem cells to replace to repair the damage.

Women who snore during pregnancy are likely to give birth to smaller babies according to a studies.

30% of pregnant women crave non food items a condition referred to as pica.

Source: Yen.com.gh

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