Charlotte Osei is an old chalewote- Hassan Ayariga

Charlotte Osei is an old chalewote- Hassan Ayariga

Hassan Ayariga, the disqualified presidential candidate for the All People's Congress has expressed his displeasure at the Electoral Commissioner Charlotte Osei, for the apparent mistreatment of his person.

Mr. Ayariga believes that disqualification of him and his party is based on the personal feelings of the EC chairperson.

Speaking in an interview on Okay FM, the aggrieved APC flagbearer said that he used to be good friends with the Electoral Commissioner, as such he cannot comprehend her reasons for treating him that way.

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"My disqualification was a personal thing and not constitutional. The Commissioner was on Saturday in UK and sat on international platform and said Ghana was going to have a one winner and several losers and one of such losers is going to be Hassan Ayariga. It is a video recording and not audio. That means she already knows what she was going to do. This is a personal hatred. This woman is demonstrating to the world that she is above any other law in this country," he said.

"Charlotte Osei is an old chalewote," was his further response when he was asked if he'd ever met the EC chair in person before he became a presidential candidate.

He was further probed whether there were any personal disputes to be settled between him and Madam Charlotte Osei, to which he replied, "your profession has nothing to do with personal scores to settle or whatever. You are there to make sure that Ghana elections are conducted in a peaceful, free and fair manner. If you cannot do it you exit. If you bring personal relation and personal problems to your profession then you are not a professional."

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