6 ways to make your orgasm even better

6 ways to make your orgasm even better


Sex is to be enjoyed and there’s absolutely no point getting into all the trouble only to be disappointed at the end. It is not only embarrassing to be done barely moments after getting in there; it is also a mood killer on the ladies’ part.

Over time, men have had issues with sex as they think only of their satisfaction alone. They forget that sex isn’t a race where you strive to get to the finishing line first and alone but a journey in which your partner is carried along until you reach a point of satisfaction together.

Some ladies have had terrible experiences as a result of the men releasing too fast. Many who tried having sex for the first time were left disappointed. The men probably finished as soon as they penetrated the ladies.

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Prolonged orgasm not only makes the experience a satisfactory one, it also gives room for exploration as you are able to tease your partner sexually and try all sorts of position while at it. It also helps your partner adjust to your rhythm and take each other to various sexual depths.

Making your orgasm last longer and even better is a task for you and your partner. Therefore, ask for her help where possible. Find below ways to make your orgasm last longer:

1. Increase your testosterone

Sporty activities could be done prior to the time you would be having some bedroom activities.

Exercises help to keep you fit and also boost your testosterone. This hormone is responsible for orgasm so keeping your body fit makes it possible for it to function well.

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2. Savor her body

Many guys are impatient; like they are anxious to finish before they start anything.

Learn to savor the woman’s body and touch every part. Ask to be touched too in order to balance the emotions. Place her needs before yours; make it your duty to see that she gets fully satisfied before thinking of yourself.

During penetration, try giving her a couple of fast in and out strokes, then move on to the slow in and out strokes. This way, you don’t get exhausted and have an orgasm too soon. The sex would be highly rated at the end.

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3. Prolong it

Men most times have a hard time releasing immediately after a round of sex. In order to make the sex pleasurable, you may want to release the pent up tension in you in order to last longer while with a woman.

Changing your tempo in between sexual activity may take you back to the starting point. Stop the current activity and switch to a different one in order to prolong the act.

If this makes you last longer, you may try it. Squeezing your manhood at the base also may kill the bulging orgasm. This is known as the 3s method; slow down, stop and switch.

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4. Diet

Certain foods and fruits could be included in a man’s diet in order to boost his sexual health.

6 ways to make your orgasm last longer

Vegetarians are known to be more sexually active when compared to the non-vegans. This is because they have more of fruits in their diets. Banana is high in potassium; a nutrient that helps in sex-hormone production and boosts energy.

5. Sexual stimulants

Another way of ensuring prolonged orgasm during sexual intercourse is the use of sexual stimulants.

A sexual stimulant helps put you in the mood and energizes you at the same time. However, most of the sexual stimulants in the markets are produced from substances that could have side effects. Having debunked their use, natural stimulants could be used instead.

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6. Focus

Often times, men lose focus while having sex; they get distracted by letting their minds wander to various things.

Learning to concentrate on the woman would probably put some ideas in your head and delay you from releasing. Thinking of some porn star while at it would only make you finish faster and leave the poor lady beneath you unsatisfied. Anxiety also messes things up in the bedroom. It would be better to get in the act with a clear head.

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