9 times Peace Hyde blinded us with her enormous curves

9 times Peace Hyde blinded us with her enormous curves

Media personality Peace Hyde is a Ghanaian celebrity recognized for her talent and skill in broadcasting, but also, mostly in fact, for her body.

The Ghanaian beauty moved back to Ghana a few years ago to pursue her dream of becoming one of the foremost broadcasters on the continent and so far, she hasn’t done too badly for herself having worked for big brands like EIB, Forbes and others.

However, many are still in doubt about the authenticity of Hyde’s enormous curves.

Since she has not made any comments about various speculations made about her body, Ghanaians have had the liberty to think whatever they want.

Here are 9 times Peace Hyde amazed Ghanaians with her curves.

1. When she gave us a profile of her body while getting ready to host her show

2. When this little black dress on Hyde was reason enough to be happy forever

3. When the cover page of Nu People Magazine was too small to handle all of Peace

4. When her name is Peace but people couldn't get peace of mind when she posted this photo

5. When she redefined how we are supposed to rock jumpsuits

6. When one angle wasn't enough for this hot photo

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7. When pink dresses became an item of sexiness after this photo was shared

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Do you now believe that her curves are a proof of God's existence.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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