Steps to "Guard your focus" in this crazy world

Steps to "Guard your focus" in this crazy world

Ever wondered how to stay focused in the various areas of your life, do you fall part of the masses who wish they could find their dream and potential through the power of focusing on an idea or plan even though life hits you with its pressures, this heavenly secret of how best to attain that dream has been revealed in this magical article called "Guard Your Focus" written by Daniel Dela Dunoo

Stop whatever you're doing and read this message of life!


I once heard a brief but profound quote that made quite an impression on me. It simply states thus: “where focus goes, energy flows.” Over and over again, I have found this quote true in my life and experiences.

Guard your focus

You loose your focus in life when you get distracted by the past

As a writer, some of my most unproductive seasons have been times when I got distracted by a variety of competing responsibilities and the pressures of life.

On such occasions, rather than focus on marketing my services, attending to assignments and creating quality content for my blogs and other websites, my energies were channeled towards tackling one challenge or the other that had nothing whatsoever to do with my career.

Creativity, drive and motivation have been at their lowest and this impact negatively on revenue generation. Conversely, some of my most productive seasons have been times when I remained focused on the task at hand. There is this drive that becomes apparent when focus is maintained and this has a direct bearing on performance, irrespective of one`s field of endeavour.

Focus is broken when one yields to distraction. Distractions may come in varying forms and degrees. What may distract one person may not distract the other. Some may be distracted from meeting work-related deadlines and targets by family-related problems.

While seated behind the desk at work, their minds are miles away from the task at hand. Some employees have been known to make avoidable mistakes in the course of the performance of their duties. Some of these mistakes happen because an employee got distracted by either a work or non-work-related challenge.

There are those who get distracted by virtually anything and everything that looks like fun. They will opt for pleasure rather than study. They will elect to watch television rather keep up with an exercise routine.

The point is that, once distraction gets in the way and we get comfortable with it, before long the chickens come to roast – we are faced with the consequence and trust me, many at times the consequence is to say the least regrettable.

Guard your focus

Maintain your focus on the task at hand and you will most likely than not, see signs of progress

Talk of the student who got so distracted from his studies for much of the semester and who tries to cram into his head the entire content of the course he is scheduled to write an exam on the following day or even the student that tries to cheat in the exams hall because he never made time to prepare adequately for his exams.

Think of the employee who got distracted from completing his work within schedule. He thought he could finish up with work in no time and so frequented social media sites while at work. Before he knew it, time was far spent. Deadline was due but work wasn`t completed.

The point is that, in virtually every facet of life including the pursuit of personal goals, relationships and career, focus is vital; distraction is an enemy and should be guarded against as much as practicable.

There are, of cause, times where distractions are a necessary evil; they become simply un-avoidable. In such situations, momentary distractions may be accommodated but that should neither become the norm nor be allowed for prolonged periods. It is important that you maintain your focus in the pursuit of your goals, dreams and aspirations.

The loss of focus will retard your progress and on occasion dish out dire consequences. The reverse is also true; maintain your focus on the task at hand and you will most likely than not, see signs of progress in your pursuits.

Article written by Daniel Dela Dunoo

(Freelance writer/editor, blogger & published author)

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