A boy hit her 4-year-old daughter... The words she heard in a hospital burnt her up

A boy hit her 4-year-old daughter... The words she heard in a hospital burnt her up

In a rush of the active game, sometimes lots of children behave a bit rude. It happens that a child can even hurt himself. Thus, a duty of an adult is to interfere and secure from an unfortunate situation on time.

Most often parents come through such problems explaining children that they have to follow the rules of the game and act carefully and properly towards others. But, can happen entirely different cases.

In Ohio, a mother was angry when a boy hit her 4-year-old daughter. But, she didn’t shout at the child who hurt her daughter. Instead, she called over the coals a hospital worker who said unexpected words to her daughter…


A mother immediately took her to the hospital to put in stitches.


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To mother’s horror, a hospital worker told the girl that probably a boy had a reason to hit her. “I bet, this boy likes you”, he grinned.


When Merritt came back home from the hospital with the daughter, she explained her situation in a Facebook post. Here is her post wich has been shared more than tens of thousands of times:

“Beating is a sign of love”

Dear man at the registration desk at children’s hospital, I’m sure that you don’t wholly understand the sense of this statement. As soon as I heard your words I realised where domestic violence is coming from. Since childhood, we infix in children’s mind that physical assault and relationship are incompatibles. My 4-year-old daughter is still a baby but I want her to know that it’s not how we show we like someone. You shouldn’t have said that.

In that moment, she hurt and was in a new place and was worried because she had to get some stitches. And you were the person who could support us. But your comfortable words said that if someone loves you he can hurt you. I won’t let such thoughts be normal for my child. And I won’t let such words be instead of “That is not how we show we like each other.

Whether you understand it or not but such phrases influence children a lot. In that moment, of course, you thought you relieved her suffering. However, it is time to take responsibility for the stereotypes that a society gives our children. I don’t want my 4-year-old daughter, who needed stitches on her wounds because a boy hit her at school, to be told, “Beating is a sign of love”. No, it’s not.”


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More than 35,000 people shared Merritt Smith’s message and it received hundreds of comments supporting mother’s point of view.

A lot of adults should consider this. Indeed, covering our rude behaviour with a characterful expression of feelings every time, we cannot raise young generation properly.

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