5 totally weird facts about your V that reveal all secrets

5 totally weird facts about your V that reveal all secrets

- Different research shows that woman have varying  vagina sizes

- Some lady's clitoris are said to be longer than eight inches

What do you know about a vagina?

It has been termed as an allure that has brought happiness and grieve to men. It has been misused after being made commercial by individuals who want to cash in by taking advantage of lustful nature of some men

But do you know there are weird facts and things you don't know about Vagina that will leave you shocked?

5 weird facts about your V revealed

See below and be the judge:

1. Women are so sensitive

Naturally,most women are said to be very sensitive when it comes to their private parts. Although most clitorises are far smaller than most penises, they contain twice as many nerve endings as the larger, dumber male organ.

However,although most clitoris is said to be very smaller than penises,they have larger nerves  that are larger than a male organ.

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Clitoris helps women to navigate their sexual attraction to a man and eventually as a lubricant to a successful sex.It helps a woman wet making it easy for a man to penetrate

2. Orgasms are good for you

Orgasm is said to be a good medicine and helps reduce headaches especially to women.Undocumented research shows that they  help an individual release a hormone called  endorphins into the bloodstream that helps tame severe headaches.

Weird facts about Vagina revealed

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3. Scientists for bush

Different medical researchers say that vaginas with hair help reduce friction and create a friendly environment when having sex. It also prevents friction and create a pleasant cushioning effect during intercourse.

A full bush can also retain vaginal odors that some men find enticing. The longest female pubic hair on record measured 28 inches, which is pushing it.

They also allege that the longest hair on vagina is capable of stretching 28 inches. Also vagina hair is deemed vital in retaining allure of the private part that can entice the man to hit hard.

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4. Clits are big enough to be dicks

Sir Edward In 1744, said that when a woman clitoris is aroused,it could be three inches long and thicker than a penis. Around the same time, a Swiss biologist claims to have examined a gal whose

Weird facts about Vagina revealed

A Swiss biologist later said that he had discovered that a woman clitoris if stimulated can stretch to seven inches. He also claimed that a woman's clitoris resembles the “the neck of a goose.”

5. Seven-foot eight-inch Vagina

There are unconfirmed reports that the largest vagina ever recorded is thought to be seven-foot eight-inch

Most  men prefer women with small vagina's which they say help stimulate their sex desires.Men do not like ballooning clitoris since they are deemed unattractive.


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