How to spot a guy that is not well-endowed

How to spot a guy that is not well-endowed

If you are a lady who enjoys a man that his blessed when it comes to the tool underneath the trousers, you might want to know how to spot one that is not so endowed so you will save yourself from wasting time getting to know him only to be disappointed in bed.

Men who have small tools often exhibit certain behaviours. This is because there is a sense of bruised ego and insecurity that they normally feel that usually manifests in their actions. Here are a few character traits they would have.

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1. He brags a lot

When he spends most of his time bragging to you about how many beautiful girls he has slept with, how much money he has or how many cars he has, then it is because he is trying to cover up the fact that he is deficient where it counts. He is hoping to distract you with all this in the hopes that you will not notice the thing he lacks.

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2. Extreme jealousy

Men who are not well-endowed tend to be overly jealous and insecure. They get way too sensitive if they suspect you might be cheating or might be attracted to someone else. They maintain a tight grip on you because they do not believe they have what it takes to make you stay on their own.

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3. Avoids the penis subject

A man on the small side will not want to draw attention to deficiency. He avoids things like phone sex because he has nothing to brag about or seduce you with. He reminds you that there is more to a relationship than sex.

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4. He insists size does not matter

He is a huge advocate for people not paying too much attention to size. He continues trying to drill that info in your head so that when he does take his pants down, you would not be too disappointed.

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5. He is a giver

Sometimes, when a man is trying to overcompensate, he tries to distract you with things he knows you will like. He can buy you gifts or give you money. When he seems way too giving and throws things your way even when you don’t ask, then be wary.


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