Ghanaian ladies do not like dating men with these jobs

Ghanaian ladies do not like dating men with these jobs

It is safe to say that what we do for a living has a direct reflection on the kind of person we are. This has led a few women to be wary of men with certain professions.

So if you do either of these jobs for a living, then beware as women might not be a huge fan of you or your job.

1. Doctor

african doctor in hospital ward

While it can be a very honourable profession, there are a few reasons why women might not choose to be a wife of a doctor.

One lady says, “I wouldn’t marry a doctor because they are always on call, my dad was one and half the time he wasn’t around.”

This is a fair assessment as with most doctors, their patients come before their family and it can get lonely when your spouse is not around half the time.

2. Lawyer

Portrait of an african businessman

Another fantastic profession but a few women beg to differ, especially when it comes to criminal lawyers.

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“If a case in which the lawyer is involved doesn’t go well, the first target is always him or his family,” one lady says.

Women who worry about the safety of their family and would rather not want a man with such a risky profession usually avoid lawyers.

3. Spy

Cool handsome. Portrait of serious young African man in formalwear adjusting his sunglasses while standing isolated on white background

As cool as this might sound, dating a spy comes with more downsides than some women can handle.

A lady said, “They are secretive and the LIE.”

One can’t blame them, though. Who wants to be married to someone whose job it is to lie?

4. Soldier


While some might enjoy the feeling of having a hero as a partner, most women will rather not be with a soldier.

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I would not sleep in the same house with a gun,” Purity said. “I cannot date someone with blood in his hands,” another one asserted.

The idea of being with someone who kills and carries a gun around might not appeal to some women.

5.  Scammers or Frauds


Most ladies take this route because men involved in this kind of job usually make a lot of money. But not all women are fine with the means taken.

“You will have a lot of money but if you are a conscious person, you will not be at peace with yourself because he is not different from the thief robbing you at gun point, both of them are thieves,” someone says.

Good point, since it is not considered an honest way to earn a living.

What other kinds of jobs do you think men do and women hate?

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