Highlights from the IEA Debate so far

Highlights from the IEA Debate so far

The theme for this year's IEA debate is: Reinforcing the Pillars of Ghana's Democracy and the major highlights so far are as follows:

Jacob Osei Yeboah (Independent candidate)

-JOY believes you can govern a nation democratically without political parties.

-His governmet shall industrialize all natural resources to expand Ghana’s wealth

-They shall introduce an entrepreneurial bank.

-Graduates who study Spanish will be reoriented to rear and sell GRASS CUTTER

Dr. Papa Kwesi Ndoum (Progressive People’s Party)

-He will ensure an all-inclusive government

-PPP shall eliminate in 4 years, the 1.2million cedis spent on importing rice

-No more than 40 ministers will be in PPP’s cabinet

-PPP will ensure an accelerated public reform program lead by a competent leader

-In four years, 10% of Ghana's power need will be alleviated by solar power

Dr. Edward Asigri Mahama (People’s National Convention)

-PNC intends to change Ghana' s economy through a balanced budget

-PNC believes fiscal indiscipline is the root cause of Ghana's problems

-They will balance the budget by matching income with expenditure

-Every Ghanaian child will have chicken for lunch under the PNC government

-PNC shall use agriculture to expand Ghana's economy by 10%

-PNC will negotiate with Burkina Faso to reduce power shortage

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