Join YEN's live Q&A on Facebook!

Join YEN's live Q&A on Facebook!

Right at this moment, YEN is hosting a live Question-and-Answer session with our editor, Sena Quashie, and you are very welcome to join. Let's see if you can ask this sharp-witted gentleman a question he will struggle with!

Sena Quashie, editor, YEN editor, YEN live QA, YEN live Q&A

Sena Quashie, an editor who does epic things on

On a more serious note, we, Team YEN, are very grateful for our readers' support and interest.

Like we already said in one if the replies, we, as the innovative and ambitious project that we are, aim to bring excellence and easily digested reads to the people of Ghana.

Another task before us is to make our presence on the Ghanaian media field as interactive as possible, to become the widely-reaching platform, the safe place where our readers can gather, discuss issues and become news-breakers themselves.

That is why we are encouraging an honest and open communication with our growing audience. Today, we are making the first official step! Ask us anything, from how we operate, to what the working conditions are, to what are policies are. Constructive criticism is especially welcome, we are ready to evolve and develop - together with you, our reader.

Join Sena Quashie, our editor, and ask all you wanted to know about us!

We are always available on Twitter, Facebook, our Viber channel - Ghana news Yen. We also encourage our users' participation in news-making: your info, stories, photos and videos are welcome at

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