5 signs that show your husband is homosexual

5 signs that show your husband is homosexual

Reports have emerged showing an increased number of men are secretly gay hiding under the marriage umbrella.

The men, it is reported to have affairs outside their marriages, not with women but men.

The hardest part is that such men are not easily caught since the affair is with a fellow man, not women who can easily be discovered.

It is hard to notice the usual cheating behaviors apart from maybe strange behavior usually hard to figure out.

These are some of the signs;

 He hates gays

Men who are secretly gay tend to show extreme hate towards any gay topic. When the topic comes up, they become agitated, angry and even homophobic in attitude. This only goes to show he is scared of being discovered or overcompensates by acting like he hates gay men.

He could also be feeling guilty of having a gay extramarital affair leaving him with confused feelings and self-hatred.

Signs showing your man is gay

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 His eyes

Normal men will openly or secretly stare at a woman's body. Find out what your man looks at?

Do his eyes shift from man to man or does he make comments about other men's dressing or fashion.

A straight man will NOT have his eyes wander to other men, not even subconsciously. If he makes eye contact with men, take note.

Hates getting intimate

Change in intimacy is a clear sign that your man is no longer interested in you, or he is getting it somewhere else.

If he is getting it from a man, he will be openly disgusted at the thought of having sexual intercourse with you.

He could also indicate aggressive signs when you try to initiate sex. Chances are he is enjoying a different kind of sexual appetite apart from what you can offer

Signs showing your man is gay

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If your man changes his dressing style completely, either it is monumental life discovery for him or he is spending more time with a gay because he is gay.

This could be stereotypical,but has been proven true.

Such a man suddenly becomes meticulous, changes products and begins wearing tighter t-shirts, trousers and increases shoe collection.

He could also take long in the bathroom, more than hour to get ready, very uncommon phenomena in straight men.

Signs showing your man is gay

Participants in a gay parade celebrating homosexuality and lesbianism

Gay Best Friend

You will tell if your man has acquired a taste for gay men, when he starts spending more time with other gay men.

Monitor his friends, if there is one particular one he likes hanging around and you are well aware that the friend is gay then he could also be gay.

A gay man prefers being in the company of other gay men since it makes him feel acceptable and gets his feeling more normal.

Check if he frequents gay bars in town or prefers watching gay pornography.

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