7 awkward things women do after SEX

7 awkward things women do after SEX

If there are interesting people to observe; that would always be women. Women can be unpredictable yet predictable at times.

7 awkward things women do after SEX

What she does after sex

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They can be annoying and nagging but warm and hospitable too. There are times when they behave the same way especially during and after sex which is why the following things that women do after romping will appear very familiar.

7. Ask if you have a girlfriend

If you are not in a relationship with her and she felt really good and satisfied with the job you did, she will probably ask if you have a girlfriend.

6. Go to buy P2 even when sex was protected

Women fear pregnancy and will always avoid it like a plague. A good number would run to the pharmacy for an emergency pill even when there is no cause of alarm.

5. Urinate

7 awkward things women do after SEX

she will pee after sex

She will suspend the cuddling moment to ask you where the washroom is because she wants to pee. She often thinks that by urinating, she would let out any semen that might have found its way in.

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4. Try to leave something behind knowingly

Inner wears are the common victims here. They are dumped in the man’s washroom or the wardrobe. Women do this because she likes you already and would want to be back soon.

3. Start crying

7 awkward things women do after SEX

Women crying after sex

Some women start crying after a good sex and you wonder if you did something wrong. They get emotional and you become confused. When she cries, comfort her because that is what she wants.

2. Make disgusting face after seeing your semen

After sex, she makes this face you could think she is seeing some dangerous chemical. Hey, girl those things make children so calm down.

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1. “I cannot believe I did this”

7 awkward things women do after SEX

They think we do not know

This statement comes out of her mouth when she realizes that she gave it up too soon. What can’t you believe? Women say this to make men think that they do not actually let men between their legs easily. They don’t know, we know the truth and their disclaimer doesn’t count.

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