Man pretends to be a woman and robs men of their money

Man pretends to be a woman and robs men of their money

Criminals are always looking for more inventive ways to get what they want and this man has taken things a step further

A man in Uganda has been nabbed after it was revealed that he disguises himself to look like a woman and then steals money from men.

Ivan Bebeto

Ugandan man pretends to be a woman and robs men

The man, Ivan Bebeto was arrested after several men claimed that he stole from them. The men described him as a beautiful woman who wore short skirts and heavy makeup.

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Ivan, who calls himself Queen, has reportedly been operating through East and Central Africa in such countries as Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Tanzania.

Ivan Bebeto

Ivan has operated through countries in East Africa

One source said, “It is not easy to discover that he is a man because he knows how to groom himself to look persuasively woman-like. He wears feminine perfume and when he goes clubbing, he hangs out predominantly with women, especially commercial sex workers.

Bebeto was caught when a man who was interested paid him for sexual favours as he was under the impression that he was paying a woman.

Bebeto kept giving him excuses as to why he could not sleep with him after he (Bebeto) had already received a down payment for the job.

Ivan Bebeto

Ivan was caught while attempting to rob another man

Afterwards, Bebeto asked the customer to accompany him to a room so they could conclude the transaction. It was then that the man suspected that something might be off and contacted the police.

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Police then investigate ‘Queen’ and discovered her big secret by finding out he was actually a man.

Check out a video below of another man dressing himself up as a woman.

What do you think the best punishment for Ivan should be?

Source: Yen

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