RECAP of NCCE presidential debates

RECAP of NCCE presidential debates

The National commission for civic education (NCCE) managed to bring together all presidential candidates for a final and fierce presidential debate ahead of the December 7 elections.

LIVE coverage of NCCE presidential debates

NPP presidential candidate, Nana Addo, refused to partake of the debate for reasons unknown.

The debates saw Ivor Greenstreet (CPP), Konadu Rawlings, (NDP), John Mahama(NDC), Paa Kwasi Nduom (PPP), Edward Mahama (PNC) and Independent candidate ,Jacob Osei Yeboah battle it out on issues of economy, Ghana's security, stamina to be president among others.


1. The stage brilliantly set for the NCCE presidential debate

2. CPP boasts of having it's presidential candidate, Ivor Greenstreet, ready for the debates

3. NPP explains Nana Addo does not recognize the NCCE debate

4. Mahama happy about debates


1. Mahama looking all white at NCCE debate

LIVE coverage of NCCE presidential debates


2. I do not seek division, I stand for peace - Jacob.O.Yeboah (Independent)

3. I am praying to God to touch the hearts of Ghanaians to vote for me - Dr Nduom (PPP)

4. I am honoured to be President of Ghana - John Mahama (NDC)

6. Change can be exciting but can also be an easy distraction - John Mahama (NDC)

7. We wish to persuade Ghanaians to vote CPP - Ivor Greenstreet (CPP)

8. I'm into politics because I am against poverty in Ghana - Edward Mahama (PNC)

9. I am tackling 18 and 29 year olds for job creation - Edward Mahama (PNC)


10. Our education is NOT fighting unemployment - Jacob.O.Yeboah (Independent)

11. We intend to set up an education commission - Jacob.O.Yeboah (Independent)

12. We will set up the "jury of practitioners" were practitioners will share their experience with students - Jacob.O.Yeboah (Independent)

13. The world is not waiting for us and it's time to have our education competitive - Dr Nduom (PPP)

14. Our education is preparing our country for disaster and poverty - Dr Nduom (PPP)

15. We're re-orienting the educational sector to involve technical training - John Mahama (NDC)

16. No nation has been able to grow unless it achieves a firm educational sector - Ivor Greenstreet (CPP)

17. 60% of our population is illiterate - Ivor Greenstreet (CPP)

18. I will introduce technical thinking curricula into JHS and SHS - Edward Mahama (PNC)

19. We will grant scholarships to poor but needy students like I was - Edward Mahama (PNC)

20. You can't put a gun to a parent's head forcing their kids to go to school - John Mahama (NDC)

21. Anyone who says education should not be compulsory doesn't have Ghana at heart - Dr Nduom (PPP)

22. We're investing in technical education than any government in the history of Ghana - John Mahama (NDC)

LIVE coverage of NCCE presidential debates

Jacob Osei Yeboah looking fierce in the debate

23. Our education is too "booklong" - Edward Mahama (PNC)

24. We need to refocus on our vocational and technical schools - Jacob.O.Yeboah (Independent)

25. Having over 200,000 unemployed graduates is a national security threat - Jacob.O.Yeboah (Independent)

26. Students who study Spanish must be re-oriented to venture into grass cutter rearing - Jacob.O.Yeboah (Independent)

27. We need to find jobs for lazy hands - Jacob.O.Yeboah (Independent)

LIVE coverage of NCCE presidential debates

Nduom is calling for intelligent graduates


28. Our power crisis is very complicated issue - John Mahama (NDC)

29. We have a lot to do on our tariffs - businesses must pay less, residents must pay more - John Mahama (NDC)

30. The days of Akosombo's cheap power are gone - John Mahama (NDC)

31. We will generate 9000 Megawatts of power - Ivor Greenstreet (CPP)

32. We shall repeal the exploration bill - Ivor Greenstreet (CPP)

33. We will install 9900 wind turbines along the wind corridor in Ghana - Ivor Greenstreet (CPP)

LIVE coverage of NCCE presidential debates

Mahama fights hard in NCCE debate

34. We have to be careful how we use gas in Ghana - Jacob.O.Yeboah (Independent)

35. We still have a power crisis in Ghana - Dr Nduom (PPP)

36. Government institutions should pay for power - Dr Nduom (PPP)

37. When he (Dr Nduom) was energy minister, we still had dumsor - Ivor Greenstreet (CPP)

38. Let's solve the debt problem in Ghana first - Dr Nduom (PPP)


39. We would look at a special economic spreadsheet for Ghana - Ivor Greenstreet (CPP).

40. Programs like "Operation feed yourself" can solve unemployment - Edward Mahama (PNC)

41. We need to look at merging the education and trade ministries to solve unemployment - Jacob.O.Yeboah (Independent)

42. We can create 1000s of jobs from galamsey - Jacob.O.Yeboah (Independent)

43. We will bring a rice economy to create jobs for people from our technical universities - Dr Nduom (PPP)

44. Government employs only 600,000 people - John Mahama (NDC)

45. I'll make sure that we make 1.2 billion cedis from our pension funds every year - Dr Nduom (PPP)

46. Government is always interfering in our foreign direct investments - Jacob.O.Yeboah (Independent)


47. I will reduce taxes drastically - Edward Mahama (PNC)

48. We shall trace the life cycle of people from life to death - Jacob.O.Yeboah (Independent)

49. High rates of taxes is a sympton of our weakened economy - Jacob.O.Yeboah (Independent)

50. We will use sports as job creation - Jacob.O.Yeboah (Independent)

51. We need to declare a financial state of emergency - Dr Nduom (PPP)

52. We are using a "lazy man's approach" to taxes - Dr Nduom (PPP)

53. No minister will seek medical care abroad under my administration - Dr Nduom (PPP)

54. The problem with our taxes is because many people are not filing their tax returns - John Mahama (NDC)

LIVE coverage of NCCE presidential debates

Ivor Greenstreet speaks technical engineering in NCCE debate

55. It will be good to tax "Kayayei" 1 cedi a month - Jacob.O.Yeboah (Independent)

56. Inflation is down, deficits are down, currency is stabilised- John Mahama (NDC)


56. We will boost NHIS by attaching sports to health - Jacob.O.Yeboah (Independent)

57. We must get rid of preventable diseases - Dr Nduom (PPP)

58. NHIS coverage is the largest so far - John Mahama (NDC)

59. Medical officers should run NHIS - Ivor Greenstreet (CPP)

60. We are recommending that the 2.5% NHIL should not go into the consolidated fund. - Edward Mahama (PNC)


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