You can live long and full life with HIV: facts on the virus everyone needs to know to protect themselves and others

You can live long and full life with HIV: facts on the virus everyone needs to know to protect themselves and others

Despite modern technological progress and state-of-the-art devices getting their way through every sphere of our life, our society is still enchained by ignorance and superstitions in many respects. And when it comes to HIV, their number is as great as ever. Unfortunately, misconceptions and false ideas result in the behaviors and attitudes that cause people to get the virus or block the reception of the necessary therapy. So what are the common myths about HIV you’d better start getting rid of?

Busting the HIV Myths

The most conflicting issue relates to the ways you can interact with the HIV-positive person without risking your health. You need to know that the virus is transmitted through blood, semen, breast milk or vaginal fluid, and you can’t get infected via touch, sweat, pee or salvia. Provided you follow simple precautions, sharing one room with a person with HIV and breathing the same air, touching the same things, and drinking and eating with the same utensils don’t expose your life to the danger of infection; neither do hugging, shaking hands, smiling, kissing, and showing sympathy.

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Regardless of the abundance of materials and researches, a lot of people still believe that HIV is spread via witchcraft and other supernatural ways. That’s not true – HIV is a virus transmitted from mother to child, during unprotected sex with HIV-positive partner, and via nonsterile needles or syringes. It’s not caused by a curse, spell or evil eye. Condoms and knowledge of the basic rules of personal hygiene are the best ways to protect your health, not hoodoo or amulets.


ART Therapy for HIV

And the most important – being HIV-positive doesn’t mean your life is over. By far, there haven’t been discovered drugs that can kill or completely cure the virus, but you may prevent its growth by undergoing Antiretroviral Therapy (ART). ART Therapy is able to reduce the amount of HIV virus in blood by 99.9%. Though HIV-positive people should get medicine throughout their life, they can still live happily and productively. Following regular intake of ART drugs, the carriers of the virus can give birth to healthy kids!

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Before considering the above mentioned therapy, consult your doctor or address the nearest Care Center on HIV and AIDS. Moreover, search for the relevant information on the Internet in case your local hospital doesn’t supply any. Visit HIV/AIDS support networks and organizations that provide assistance to HIV positive people in your region. Don’t give up on your life and apply for any government or non-government programs that suggest participation in researches of new HIV drugs. Even if their efficiency, if any, has yet to be proved, you lose nothing by filling an application form.


In case you have an HIV-infected relative or friend, who is afraid or ashamed to visit a hospital or an emergency response center for any reason, sharing this post with them would be the first step to raise awareness and force them into action. Don’t be too intrusive or instructional, yet show your support and desire to help. Care and love are as inevitable elements of the successful treatment as drugs and medical procedures.

With more than 1 million views, this video created by WIKR Group and Network 100life gives you answers to HIV-related questions you need to know but have nobody to ask.

Remember that an early treatment with antiretroviral drugs and a healthy lifestyle are very important to stay well. These organizations can help you if you have HIV and AIDS:

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Ghana

Adventist Development and Relief Agency

Ghana AIDS Commission

Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana


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