Witchcraft Is Real - She Confessed To Sleeping With 'Fresh' Dead Men

Witchcraft Is Real - She Confessed To Sleeping With 'Fresh' Dead Men

To be rich and/or wealthy is apparently everyone's big desire but just how far can you go to acquire wealth or material gain?

The richest personalities in the world attributes their success to hard work and working smart. One married woman however  thinks otherwise and attributes her wealth to something bizarre. Witchcraft.

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Identified only as Rose, the lady confessed on (Hero radioa local radio station's  show that she has been sleeping with dead men once every week on the advice of a witch-doctor.

According to her, she has been married for seven years and for three years now, she had been faithfully  having sex with dead men at one unspecified morgue so she can become wealthy.

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In an audio video that has gone viral on text messaging application Whatsapp, Rose confessed to visiting the morgue at night once a week to have sex with 'fresh' dead men.

Rose goes on to explain that she was pushed into the bizarre  witchcraft act out of financial desperation.

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That her husband, identified only as Ted, was financially unstable and she sought help from a friend who then referred her to the witch doctor.

Witchcraft Is Real- She Confessed To Sleeping With 'Fresh' Dead Men

For every visit to the morgue for the strange ritual, Rose pays KSh 5,000 to an authority she did not name and who allows her in for a date with a fresh body.

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Her husband had called Hero radio in an attempt to establish whether or not the fears he had for his wife were true.

The presenter then tells Rose that her husband has decided to divorce her and to the presenter's surprise, Rose welcomes the divorce news only demanding that the husband leaves behind all her possessions.

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Hero radio is based in Nakuru town and was established in 2010 broadcasting issues around business, entertainment, sports and lifestyle.

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