5 shocking reasons why alcohol is great for you

5 shocking reasons why alcohol is great for you

Sure there are a number of downsides to plying one’s self with alcohol but if you are a person with self-control and can drink in moderation, then there are a lot of benefits you will enjoy.

drinking alcohol

Alcohol has been shown to have pretty cool benefits.

1. Makes you look good

A study found that drinking wine can make you look more attractive. People who consumed some level of alcohol were rated more attractive than a sober person. Research suggest that this might be due to pupil dilation which can indicate attraction. Someone who drinks also has that muscle relaxation in the face that can look pleasing to another person.

5 shocking reasons why alcohol is great for you

A cotton swab can be soaked in alcohol and applied to the face for skin health

2. Makes skin better

Champagne can also help even out the skin tone and no, it is not about drinking it. Soaking some cotton wool in champagne as a face wipe can leave your skin looking clean and refreshed. The antioxidants and acids in the champagne are what do the work evening out your skin tone.

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Alcohol benefits

Red wine has been shown to keep the heart healthy

3. Makes heart healthy

Drinking in moderation is beneficial for your heart. Those who drink wine, spirits or beer regularly are less prone to heart failure and heart attacks than people who rare or never drink. Three to five drinks per week has been recommended to maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Drinking alcohol

People who indulge in moderation sleep better

4. Helps you sleep better

We all know that sleeping well means you look and feel better. Some quantity of alcohol can help achieve this goal. Grapes used to make red wine contains high levels of the sleep hormone, melatonin which helps aids sleep quality.

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Alcohol benefits

Alcohol has some anti-ageing ingredient that makes you look younger

5. Helps you look younger

Studies have claimed that red wine contains an ingredient that can prevent ageing. The ingredient, Resveratrol, is found in grape skins that give red wine its colour. It can reduce wrinkles and slow down ageing. This ingredient has actually been combined with vitamins and minerals to create anti-ageing moisturiser.

Are the risks worth the benefits? Watch the video below to find out.

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