US Ghana Embassy to sack staff found guilty in fake embassy saga

US Ghana Embassy to sack staff found guilty in fake embassy saga

The US embassy in Accra is set to sack some members of its staff after security official discovered and shut down a fake embassy in the capital that had been operating illegally for 10 years.


The fake US Embassy in Accra

The fake embassy was issuing genuine visas, which can only be issued when it is an inside job, according to a report by

The report said those who are found guilty in the investigation will simply be recalled to the US without other embassy staff knowing about it.

News of the fake embassy’s discovery has shocked many Ghanaians, who have questioned how it could have operated illegally for so long without detection.

Apart from issuing genuine US visas at the cost of $6,000, the fake embassy also issued genuine European visas and counterfeit documents.

US Embassy Accra

The original US embassy in Accra

The US Department of State revealed in a statement that the fake embassy was run by Ghanaian and Turkish criminals in collaboration with a Ghanaian lawyer who practiced immigration and criminal law.

The fake embassy flew an American flag outside the building three days a week and hung a photo of President Barack Obama inside while it issued fraudulent documents at a cost of $6,000 to prearranged clients.

In addition to visas, fake bank records, education records and birth certificates were also issued by the "consular officers," who were English- and Dutch-speaking Turkish citizens.


Fake passports and documents seized during the raid

During the raid on the facility by security agents, 150 passports from 10 countries, legitimate and counterfeit visas from the US, the Schengen zone, India, and South Africa, and counterfeit IDs were seized, along with a laptop and smartphones, the State Department said.

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