How Ghanaians are reacting to the results, as seen on social media

How Ghanaians are reacting to the results, as seen on social media

Across the country, Ghanaians who cast their vote earlier for their presidential and parliamentary candidates have their radio sets to their ears, their eyes fixed on TV and their fingers eargerly swiping on their phones for the trickling results emerging from various polling stations.

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Although still too early to predict a winner, a lot of people are hopeful that their choice of leaders will win at the end of the election process.

As usual, social media has been one of the most interactive and buzzing hubs for the latest news and reactions to results.

1. This user for instance believes the NDC will most likely lose and a certain Woyome will be in trouble.

2. Someone on Facebook made a rather interesting observation while the results slowly came in

3. This social media user thinks that Dr. Nduom needs to teach a few people some lessons on appreciation.

4. Meanwhile, the chairperson of the EC is drenched in praise on social media

5. Still for Madam Charlotte..

6. Well, we don't know who Opana is but we know someone will be hot at the end of the day

7. But, where is the love Papa Jay?

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8. And finally we hear from one of the PPP voters..

9. Even celebrities couldn't hold back the troll

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10. More trolls for the PPP

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11. Someone is having a good laugh

12. Wait, did we forget of the independent candidate?

13. Everyone make wild!

14. Maybe Ndoum needs some tutoring from Nana Konadu?

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