Hugging test: What will hugs tell about your relations?

Hugging test: What will hugs tell about your relations?

Your personality, your inner «I» has lots of various displays that can be tracked in simple everyday things, starting from your gait and finishing with your manner to speak. But when it goes about relations of two people, there is nothing more speaking than hugs. Why?

Because it is it that is actually the source of happiness, not a kiss like most of us think. Hugs are the tactile feelings, and their need is inherited since we were babies. That is why the way we do this defines how we feel during this action, and in general can be the direct characterization of our relations.

 1. Protector


Hugs of a Protector are completely associated with the feeling of safety. The one who stands from behind embraces waist of the partner taking the role of protector and giving the feeling of security. Such hug shows that this person trusts his or her another half and sends the signal that taking care of each other in relations is very important for this person. Covering your back, this person gives you rare — this is how psychologists explain this gesture.

 2. The back hug


Such a hug is the symbol of calming down, consolation and cheering up. When a person grabs your back with hands, he wants to show you how much he cares and worries for you. This position shows at the same moment openness and vulnerability of the both, because their back, the most vulnerable place, are open. This is very warm and in some sense intimate gesture.

 3. Patting


Patting during hugging means friendly companionship. The pat is a some kind of a signal that you are a friend. There is no romance or intimacy in here. In such relations there is more some kind of a union, affinity of souls, similarity. But this is not love in its classical understanding. You are «one of the guys», and if your partner hugs you this way, you should think if there are any relations in your relations.

 4. The slow dance


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The «slow dance» is the pure romance in the flesh. He embraces waist, she wraps them around his neck. Such position seems to bring you back to those wonderful school years, to your first love and first experiences. According to psychologists, such hugs are really typical for young, early love. When all thoughts are about your beloved person and butterflies in your stomach simply don’t let you breathe. Well, you got it! In adult, mature age, the meaning of this pose is that the romance is still alive and relations are quite fresh!

 5. Friendly hug


This hug looks like you are two sidekicks. The typical trait of such half-hug: one of the couple embraces the shoulder of another as if saying: «Hey, listen what I’ll say!» This is absolutely not a romantic hug, it is friendly. It means support, friendliness and courage.

 6. The lock


«Stranglehold» — here is the perfect description of such hug. You hug as if you are afraid that you can lose each other. There is an opinion, that love should be like a warm favourite blanket into which you can cuddle in the frosty winter morning. When someone hugs you this way, this person is afraid to lose you, is afraid that you may leave and abandon him.

 7. The flying hug


The flying hug. It is when he either holds her in hands or seats her on some surface to take her off the ground in any way. The meaning of such gesture: passion and desire. That could be OK, but the hidden message of such hugs is that there is only physics that unites you. Only body, not a soul. According to opinion of psychologists, this is actually what the majority of people try to replace the absence of true love with.

 8. The bridge


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The bridge is distinguished with the presence of the distance. SO, you hug with your upper body part but don’t with your lower one. As if there is lots of space for disagreements and discomfort in your relations. You seem to be together but at the same moment you try to keep the distance. None of you wants to have a contact.

 9. The eye-to-eye


And this type of hugs is a bridge between souls. Eyes are the mirror of the soul. So, this is the union, the thread that is very important for you two. This is the sign of deep feelings and inner relationship. Not the one mentioned above. Your relations are firm and strong.

 10. The rack doll


The rack doll are the hugs that signalize about the one-sided game. One of you hugs very-very strongly, and another allows to be hugged. Neither real friendship nor the true love will survive under such hugs. One of you is being robbed!

 11. The pickpocket


Such hugs are the subconscious search for simpleness and comfort. Each of the partners holds hands in pockets on another. This means that they are both relaxed and don’t need to work too hard over their relations. They are fine the way they are. It is good to keep silent with each other. And this is true love. That is why everyone can be happy for you — you fit each other perfectly.



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