5 job interview mistakes to avoid

5 job interview mistakes to avoid

Searching for a job can be a really tasking experience. There is a little relief and a feeling of hope when you do land an interview as this means you are one step closer to the end of the road. 

Unfortunately, doing a few wrong things during the interview can totally ruin your chances. Employers have shared a list of red flags that will make them less likely to hire you.

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Avoid these major mistakes and you will do great in your next job interview

Failure to research

You should know the company you are interviewing for. You should know what they do and why they do it. This is even easier now in the internet age. A quick google search can tell you all you need to know and you will appear more prepared and more serious.

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Being late

In an employer’s words, “If someone shows up late for an interview with no excuse and no effort made to let me know they were running behind I tell them I am no longer interested in interviewing them.”

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Come prepared, dress appropriately and be polite.

Dressing wrongly

Let’s face it, when it comes to interviews, you will be judged by what you wear. So, go for conservative outfits and make sure you appear clean and well put-together.

Checking your phone

There is nothing more insulting to an employer than when you keep bringing out your phone and checking during your interview. In fact, your phone should always be switched off  during an interview so it does not interrupt in any way.

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Employers reveal the top interview mistakes to avoid

Speaking badly about former or current employer

Your reasons for wanting to leave (or leaving) a previous employer could be one that pisses you off to the extremes but it does not give you a reason to badmouth them to current employers. Take your emotions out of the way and focus on giving professional, useful responses. Badmouthing a former boss is very likely to ruin your chances with a potential one because it shows you lack loyalty and you simply just come off as bitter.

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Watch the video below that shows more on the kinds of job interview mistakes to avoid.

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