The job interview tips every job seeker should know

The job interview tips every job seeker should know

One main barrier for a job seeker is being unable to figure out what his/her potential employer is looking for. A lot of people believe they know what is needed but are often confused when they follow those rules and still do not get the job.

To avoid misunderstanding and confusion, here are 12 things every employee is looking for when they are hiring new employees.

1. An employee who understands his/her plans

We all have a particular path we follow over the years. An employer needs someone that can explain this path and how it led them to where they are today. The employer needs to know that you are not simply just trudging along aimlessly and describing your passion and path will help them understand you better.

Job search

If you are looking for a job, you need to know the few things employers look for

2. They need to know what you expect from the job

No employer wants to hire someone who only seems to want the job just for a paycheck. They need to know how this job helps you achieve your goal. You have to let them know that there are aspects of this job that will help them achieve their long-term goals.

3. You should be able to prove you have attained success in the past

An employer needs to know you have succeeded elsewhere. It does not have to be a huge success. It could be as simple as solving an everyday problem at your previous workplace or leading a team that did something tangible.

4. You should know your strengths

No one is perfect at everything but everyone is perfect at something. Know your strengths and understand them. It is only when you know where your strengths lie that you can show an employer why they should hire you.

job interview

The job interview is a chance to show your employer what you are capable of

5. You should be able to think independently

Strong managers know the value of someone with their own ideas. Make a suggestion, observation or proffer solution to a problem so they know that you are capable of thinking and making decisions on your own and that you will not always need to rely on another person to always give you the answers.

6. You can solve problems

Problems will often arise in every workplace. Your employer needs to know that you can think analytically and solve problems. So, go ahead and give examples of times you have solved problems in the past and how you operate when issues arise.

7. You should be ambitious

No one wants to hire a person that does not have ambition. Ambition is what makes you better at your job and it is what pushes you to grow career-wise. This is what good employers look for.

8. You should be proactive

Learn to be more active during job interviews as opposed to just sitting passively and answering questions. Ask them what the job will entail, what the company’s goals are and so on. It will not only show them you have thought about the job and are really interested, it gives you a better opportunity to know exactly what you will be doing if you get the job. this will make you feel prepared and more confident.

Job interview tips

Be sure to prove to your employer that you are responsible, goal oriented and have the ability to attain success.

9. You should be willing to learn something new

No one succeeded or built something successful by only sticking to old methods. Successful companies look for new ways to do things so they can get different or better results. So, they only hire a person who proves they hold this policy too.

10. They need to know how you set and hit goals

If you have achieved something in the past or you have set and achieve goals (no matter how big or small) mention that in your interview. It will put you in a good light.

11. You can work well in a team

An employer wants to know that you are capable of working well with others. Regale them with a story of how you were an essential part of a team that did something impressive.

12. You should be responsible

Responsibility is an important factor when it comes to hiring a person You can share a story of how, as a first born, you well responsible for your siblings, or how you were able to head a class successfully in secondary school. Your employer needs need to know that you are capable of being responsible for yourself and others. It shows maturity and seriousness.

Check out the common interview questions and answers below.


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