NPP expects clarity and honesty - Mustapha Hamid

NPP expects clarity and honesty - Mustapha Hamid

Spokesperson of the President Elect, Mr. Mustapha Hamid, has stated that the New patriotic Party expects clarity during the government transition process.

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NPP expects clarity and honesty - Mustapha Hamid

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Speaking to Joy News on Tuesday, the President Elect's spokesperson said that the NPP expected openness, clarity, and transparency during the government's transition meeting on Wednesday. He added that the President Elect had set the tone for the process during his transition team inaugural address.

"We will meet tomorrow at 10 a.m at the International Conference Centre to set up the Transitional Committee comprising those of the incoming and outgoing teams. There would also be the transitional committee on finance, energy, infrastructure, social services, presidency, handing over notes,"

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Mr. Mustapha Hamid also stated that he expected the handing over notes would be ready and made available to them by today, Wednesday December 14th, when the transition team has its first official meeting.

"Certainly there would be questions that we would need clarifications on, and those questions would be the basis for meetings...we already have a lot of information from various ministries and government agencies and we hope that the notes that we would be given would be consistent with some of the things that we know. Where there are inconsistencies we would ask questions,"

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Mr. Hamid expressed confidence that the transition process would go off without a hitch, especially since this would be the first transition period governed by legislature.

He said: "No doubt this would be arguably the smoothest transition process we are likely to have."

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NPP expects clarity and honesty - Mustapha Hamid

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