Avoid clicking these dangerous Facebook links

Avoid clicking these dangerous Facebook links

You must have come across a few links on Facebook that promises nude celebrity photos or videos when you click. Be warned, these are just baits.

Clicking these links are ways people trick you into downloading dangerous software that can potentially ruin your gadget.

Facebook links

Avoid clicking on these dangerous Facebook links

The latest example of these kinds of spams is one promising sex videos featuring Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba and other big celebs.

Researchers who discovered this latest scam has sent out a warning. The link appears as a  malicious Google Chrome extension that spreads nude celebrity PDFs to Facebook groups. If opened, the PDF file takes the victim to a web page featuring the image of a play button. If clicked, the link redirects users to a page that barrages them with popups and ads featuring nudity and lottery scams.

After clicking, the browser open to a Facebook Login page. The extension can now read your friend list, Facebook groups and other information.

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If you fall for it, the bot will use your account to send the links to all your friends and groups which help them advertise even more.

At the end of the day, this bot will block your antivirus and antispam, making your gadget more vulnerable.

Key point: Avoid clicking on any links promising nude pictures of video even if they seem to be coming from someone you know.

For more info on what happens when you click on a spam link, watch the video below;

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