Top 5 things that make women cry and you wonder what's wrong with her

Top 5 things that make women cry and you wonder what's wrong with her

- Women are emotional compared to men, and certainly you already know that. Nonetheless, their are those times when they cry and men wonder, how is that even possible

- They cry when least expected and sometimes men do not know what to do or how to comfort them and it becomes even harder knowing whether they really need to be consoled

Science says that women cry averagely between 30 to 64 times in a year while men shed tears between 6 to 17 times.

Top 5 things that make women CRY

When they cry and you wonder if you have done something wrong

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So why do women cry a lot? This five highlighted points will make you understand better. Men would not necessarily cry during such times.

5. Hormones

Women will frequently have hormonal imbalance which tend to affect their moods. This explains why you leave her happy in the morning then meet her very low in the evening and no one is dead, and you haven't done something wrong. During such moments she might cry.

4. Emotional movies

Top 5 things that make women CRY

She gets emotional when watching a movie

Movies with emotional and involving story lines evoke reactions from women. Ladies will cry when the tension in the story goes up due especially in sad scenes.

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3. Emotional gift or gestures

Top 5 things that make women CRY

Emotional gestures make them cry

Sometimes the only way to express a happy feeling when receiving an emotional gift or when men propose to them, is crying. An emotional gift could be something that she has always wanted but could not have or was yet to come. When it catches them by surprise, they will shed tears

2. Weddings

Let's not talk about the bride but women in the congregation. It should not surprise you seeing a female congregant crying during certain times in a wedding. They could get emotional when the bride becomes emotional. Women could also cry during beautiful moments like when the bride and groom exchange vows or share a kiss. Some begin to fantasize about how their wedding could be.

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1. Goodbyes

Top 5 things that make women CRY

Women find it hard to say goodbye

Men will hardly cry when bidding someone goodbye. Women will cry even if the person is going away for a few days. It is hard for women to say goodbye if they are affectionately connected to someone.


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