Water snake, catfish in titanic battle

Water snake, catfish in titanic battle

- On a fish-hunting expedition, a group of fishermen stumbled on an exciting sight of two water creatures slugging it out

- A water snake was struggling to make a giant catfish its meal, but the fish understood what it meant to die without wrestling

- Amazingly, the snake and the fish did not bother and were not scared of the presence of the intruders, one of whom took time to record the incident

A titanic battle between two water creatures, a water snake and a giant catfish, has been caught on camera by a man who stumbled on the fight while in company of some fishermen.

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Water snake, catfish in titanic battle

Snake and catfish caught fighting

It is not known for how long the two creatures must have engaged themselves before they were found, but the over three-minute video, which has been viewed by 4.5 million people across the world showed the reptile resolute to win the catfish which, on its own, maintained its resilience.

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Obviously, the snake may have thought it was a nice catch that would be easy to feed on like its previous preys. This was not so, however, probably because of the size of the fish and the fact that the latter refused to be subdued.

The snake had its fang tightly clutching the fish as it tried to pull it out of the water, a smart way to suffocate the flat-headed water creature, but each time this strategy is adopted, the fish, seeming to understand the snake's plot, drags itself further into the water.

Bruce Burns, who captured this amazing sight, had accompanied other fishermen to the Colorado River when he stumbled on the battle for survival.

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Amazingly, in spite of the presence of the fishermen, the snake continued with its attempt to feed on the fish which refused to die while the scene was being recorded.

As to which of the animals finally won the battle, that could be left to the imagination of the viewer because the video ends before the fight is over.

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Source: Yen.com.gh

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