Amazing! 5 simple ways of eliminating cooking smells

Amazing! 5 simple ways of eliminating cooking smells

It is near impossible for some people to cook without the world getting to know. While this may be cool on some occasions when you want the world to know you can cook, it can be pretty embarrassing for your space to smell of food when you need fresh air.

Amazing! 5 simple ways of eliminating cooking smells

Woman cooking in the kitchen

As delicious as your meals are, you will have to find ways of keeping the air around the other rooms fresh despite being busy in the kitchen. Depending on the kind of food you are cooking, the use of certain spices may make the cooking smell linger for as long as possible.

For days that you decide to keep your food to yourself because you cooked for a particular purpose, you may be forced to offer some guests some of it because the cooking smell sold you out.

Check out the simple things you can do to get rid of cooking smells in your space:

1. Ensure proper ventilation

While cooking in closed rooms may not be ideal, it is important for you to aerate the room to ensure exchange of air.

When your kitchen is properly ventilated while cooking, heat from the cooking can be let out while fresh air will be allowed in to get rid of the smell and cool the heated space.

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2. Close the doors to the other rooms

When cooking, make sure the doors to the other rooms in the house are properly shut. This will prevent the cooking smell from circulating the rooms.

You do not have to worry about your linens and curtains smelling food long after you are done. Let the cooking smell be limited to the kitchen or whatever space you use for cooking.

3. Proper hygiene

It is disgusting seeing a messed up kitchen before and after cooking. A woman's kitchen should be as clean as the bedroom if not cleaner.

While cooking, wash away used dishes and wares that have been used and pack them away. That way, you can reduce the cooking smell and make the space clean and free of food smells. Food stains can also be reduced when utensils are washed off immediately after use.

4. Vinegar as a cleaning agent

Every home should have vinegar as it helps get rid of stubborn stains and odors. After cooking, vinegar can be poured on the slabs and left to sit for a while.

While helping to get rid of stubborn stains, it also deodorises the cooking space by absorbing the odour and making the air clean.

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5. Proper disposal

In as much as you do the things listed above and fail to have a proper way of disposing the wastes in the kitchen, you will never be able to get rid of the smells in the kitchen.

The smell that will emanate from the waste-bin you have failed to empty will be worse than the smell left from the cooking. Of what use is tidying up if you still leave the dirt gathered from the cooking in the kitchen space?

See the video below to learn more ways of getting rid of kitchen smells:


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