Low budget wedding! Reasons why couples should monitor their wedding budgets

Low budget wedding! Reasons why couples should monitor their wedding budgets

With the rate at which people invest in wedding ceremonies, you will be left wondering the kind of life the couples would live afterwards. The wedding is just the event that showcase the joining of two people while marriage focuses more on the life lived from that point onward.

Low budget wedding! Reasons why couples should monitor their wedding budgets

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If you are a Ghanaian who knows what is going on in the society, then you will understand how much people put into planning a wedding and making everything look colourful. Some people go as far as borrowing in order to have that glam wedding and leave the whole city in utter shock.

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A couple from Soroti in Uganda has followed the old saying 'cut your coat according to your size' when they decided to have a low budget wedding. This couple cut their coat according to their purse in this case as they could not afford to have all the extras attached to the wedding.

In line with their low budget wedding, they walked half a kilometer before getting to the church where they were joined in holy matrimony. Their union was witnessed by family and friends who rallied round to give them their support. Although the low budget wedding might not have been their plan, this couple have been praised by many people online after pictures of their wedding dropped.

As a matter of fact, their action is praiseworthy as many people in Ghana and other parts of the world spend a fortune planning a wedding. Some even go as far as borrowing money for the event. Some ladies want a high class societal wedding not minding if they have to spend their first few months of marriage settling debts.

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Some people on the other hand have certain reservations when it comes to occasions like that. They think of the rainy days and make provision for this season while they are planning their wedding. There is absolutely no fun in getting hitched and living in debts after the ceremony.

See some of the reasons why you should monitor your budget for wedding:

1. Live a fulfilled life afterwards

As mentioned earlier, you should consider the kind of life you plan to live after getting married. Working on your wedding budget will help you have a great start in the marriage as you can be sure you will not live in penury.

If you fail to plan, then you will have yourself to blame. Do not use all your savings in planning a wedding if you do not have something to fall back on.

2. Becoming conservative

It is known that many families throw in a lot of money when it comes to planning a wedding because they want to be the talk of the town for years to come.

The couples who are being celebrated risk having their affairs made public as people will always want to know what's going on with their lives. They also tend to get mocked when things fail and their marriage do not work out.

3. Invest in the family you will be starting

Instead of throwing in a lot of money into a wedding when you do not have a sustainable means of income, you can reserve part of that money and have a low budget wedding.

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There is absolutely no fun in getting married in a big way and borrowing money from friends to pay for hospital bills when you welcome a child into the world. Be wise about the wedding plans and budget you make.

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