I was advised by my pastor to quit social media activities - Woman says

I was advised by my pastor to quit social media activities - Woman says

A woman, Darla Bunting says she found peace after quitting all social media activities.

The 31-year-old who had 4,500 followers on Twitter and Instagram, as well as hundreds of friends on Facebook and Snapchat decided to quit all social media after her pastor advised her to do so.

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Darla Bunting has finds peace after quitting social media for a year

Bunting, who termed her experience 'digital detox' told ABC news that her pastor had originally advised her to quit social media for a month but she decided to quit it for a year.

She expressed that she felt more connected to the world during her journey, because she no longer had to snap every event. She said: "I had different epiphanies over the course of this year. I feel so at peace."

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She added that the experience wasn't easy because of the constant urge to check out what's happening. She said: "It wasn't easy, though, thanks to the pervasive nature of social media, and the constant urge to check out what's happening."

"So I blocked the websites on my computer and deleted the apps off of my phone,' she said. 'So there was not a way for me to check. That made it incredibly easier for me."

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Bunting started her 'digital detox' journey on January 1st, 2016 and she is ready to get back out there and pick up on all she missed.

Would you quit social media to find peace?

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