We will not respond to Rawlings' scathing comments'- NDC's Kofi Adams

We will not respond to Rawlings' scathing comments'- NDC's Kofi Adams

The National Democratic Congress has said that it will not comment on the 'scathing remarks' made by its founder J.J Rawlings, following the creation of a 13-member committee to investigate the reasons why they lost the 2016 general elections.

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NDC will not respond to Rawlings' scathing comments'- Kofi Adams

J.J Rawlings

In an interview with Citi FM, the NDC's 2016 campaign coordinator Kofi Adams said that the party will make no remark on the words of its founder, as they wait for the results of the investigation by the committee set up to determine the cause of the party's defeat to be released.

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"“It will be unfair to be responding to comments that people make including very high profile persons like the founder and former President of the Republic," Kofi Adams said.

He further argued that, "To the extent that we have put a committee in place, I would like that the media would give some space for the committee to finish its work then we can discuss the report of the committee. For us who are in leadership, it will be unfair to be picking and choosing whose comments to respond to and who’s not to respond to."

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The founder of the NDC, former president J.J Rawlings speaking at 2016's 31st December Revolution commemoration, said that the NDC's loss in the 2016 elections was the fault of the party, as there were warning signs to the party to return to their original values which they ignored.

"The NDC’s painful and massive rejection at the polls is indicative that we have lost the moral high ground that sets us apart from others. Great lengths were taken to draw the attention of the party as a collective but none of it will be tolerated or accommodated.

We lost the elections way before the 7th of December. We persistently and unrepentantly stayed on the slippery slope to the humiliating defeat despite the several warning lights right in our faces. My honest wish was for corrective measures to be taken to avert this electoral disaster," Rawlings stated.

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NDC will not respond to Rawlings' scathing comments- Kofi Adams

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