Kojo Boakye Gyan on Akufo Addo National Security Ministry

Kojo Boakye Gyan on Akufo Addo National Security Ministry

Retired Major Kwadwo Boakye Gyan has praised the President Elect's decision to create a Ministry of National Security, and the appointment of Kan-Dapaah as Minister-designate for National Security.

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Kojo Boakye Gyan on Akufo Addo National Security Ministry

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Major Boakye Gyan expressed that the President Elect's decision to create the Ministry for National Security would lead to the better administration of the nations security apparatus.

Speaking in an interview with Chief Forson on Accra100 FM on Thursday, January 5th, Major Boakye Gyan explained that traditionally, it is only a minister that can go and request for funds from security agencies.

“This is a move in the right direction in the sense that when you look at the constitution, it is only a minister who can go to ask for money for security operations; the security coordinator hasn’t got the ministerial status to be asking for money for their activities, and that brings about confusion in the security system in Ghana. Now that we have got a minister, that problem can be addressed. It is a very shrewd move and I appreciate that.

“Secondly, when we talk about security, it is big sector with so many organisations under it. You talk about a security coordinator who coordinates a number of agencies within the security outfit – the BNI, and so many others – and so if you do not have somebody with a status of a cabinet member, the reporting line will be problematic."

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Now with the creation of the Ministry of National Security with Kan-Dapaah as its Minister designate, someone at the top with ministerial powers will be able to manage security issues before it gets to the president's table, ensuring a much smoother security system.

On Wednesday the President Elect announced the appointment of Mr Kan Dapaah as minister-designate in charge of National Security, an appointment Major Boakye Gyan applauded.

“The person who has been appointed is the best I think we have got so far because he has been a Minister for the Interior, a Minister of Defence, and Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee of parliament, so the security apparatus should be “laughing all the way”.

“This is a man who has the experience and can understand what their needs are. He would be able to detect bogus reports and throw into the bin. I don’t think there is anybody in this country now who qualifies to do that job than him. He is better placed to seek resources they need to do their work, he will appreciate their individual needs because he had had a personal relationship with them before.”

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Kojo Boakye Gyan on Akufo Addo National Security Ministry

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