5 top reasons why Ghanaian Hollywood Brothers can't wait to come back to Ghana

5 top reasons why Ghanaian Hollywood Brothers can't wait to come back to Ghana

Kwame Boateng, Kofi Siriboe, and Kwesi Boakye, the Hollywood Siblings, just finished their first visit to Ghana and judging from their interview with celebrity blogger, Ameyaw Debrah, they're definitely coming back for more soon.

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5 top reason why Ghanaian Hollywood Brothers can't wait to come back to Ghana

Left to right: Kwame Boateng, Kwesi Boakye, and Kofi Siriboe

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Since it was the brothers's first visit there was a lot for them to see and experience, and experience it they did. From the night-life, the music, the people and places, to the traditional meals the brothers experienced for the first time, there was definitely something to write home about on their first visit to GH.

Here's a few experiences that rated high on their list that - if anything - they'll be looking forward to experiencing on their next visit.

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5. Local foods

As first time travelers to Ghana there was a lot to discover in local foods department. One of the brothers, Koffi Siriboe, expressed how much he enjoyed Fufu in Country Kitchen. Although it's pretty certain that one get all the ingredients to make a good Ghanaian meal in any major western city, we're sure that eating Ghanaian food, cooked by a Ghanaian cook, on Ghanaian soil is just a different feeling.

4. Family

Being born in the United States, it's likely that the brothers had very little interaction with extended relatives like cousins, uncles and grandparents. Meeting their grandmother for the first time must've been quite an experience for the brothers, an experience they'll surely want to repeat on their next visit.

3. Music and night-life

While some people may turn their noses up at the comparison between local night clubs and those found abroad, seems like the K-3 brothers had a good enough time out to mention Twist, and Carbon - listen to tracks like Mr. Eazi's Leg over and Joey B's You and Me - in their interview. And for anyone who's been to these spots, it's really not a surprise the brothers plan to do a do over.

2 another meeting with

A meeting with royalty is always something to cherish, and the three brothers were very fortunate to have been received by the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. And we're sure that they'll be looking forward to coming back and telling him of their impending successes.

1. Ghana's 60th Independence anniversary

This year Ghana will be celebrating it's 60th anniversary since independence, and if it's anything like its 50th anniversary, it's going to be great. So now that the K-3 brothers have gotten a first experience in the country, they plan on coming back for the country's independence celebration in March.

Born and bred in the City of Angels, California, during their almost month long stay the K-3 brothers were anything but idle. They paid a visit to the Asantehe Otumfuo Osei Tutu II at the Manhye Palace, in Kumasi, visited the Elmina Castle, and also visited the Great Mission Orphanage in Teshie, Accra.

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5 top reasons why Ghanaian Hollywood Brothers can't wait to come back to Ghana

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