Afia Schwarzenegger says, leave Nana Addo alone!

Afia Schwarzenegger says, leave Nana Addo alone!

Ghana's controversial queen of comedy Afia Schwarzenegger has entered the new year, and seems to still want to slam the haters and take names, and we are totally here for it.

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The media queen who never holds back on her social commentary on political and internal matters of the state has once again spoken her mind on the recent blunder involving Nana Addo's plagiarized speech.

Now, you're probably wondering why Afia is speaking on Nana Addo's issue when she was a strong supporter of John Mahama's during the 2016 election period. Well, it would seem like Afia may have switched sides as depicted by this photo:

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Afia Schwarzenegger says, leave Nana Addo alone!

Afia Schwarzenegger meets Nana Addo

That's right and we are surprised too!

Following the news that broke about Nana Addo's inaugural speech being plagiarized from former American presidents Clinton's and Bush's speeches, Nana Addo and his communications team have come under a lot of fire for the blunder.

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However, Afia Schwarzenegger has demanded that Ghanaians 'leave her president alone'. She stated, in the very hilarious way only she could, that the attacks on President Akufo-Addo should cease, and that Nana Addo was destined to be president from the time he was born.

Watch the full insanely funny video below:

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Afia Schwarzenegger clearly has her ways with diffusing tension, and you can't deny she has all the points when it comes to comedy.

Afia Schwarzenegger says, leave Nana Addo alone!

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